Bird Dropping Removal

bird dropping cleaning manchester

Before you consider cleaning the muck yourself, take one minute to learn why you should consider getting the bird droppings removed professionally.

Besides the fact that Bird droppings can pose a serious health risk to humans, professional cleaners like us have years of experience cleaning out various spaces such as;

  • Disused or abandoned warehouses
  • Storage units
  • Stairwells
  • Balconies
  • Even vacant properties

Here’s how we do it in 3 stages

  • We start by disinfecting the area, especially if in confined areas to make the area safe to work
  • We then remove all the debris and carry out a deep clean of the area
  • Finally we apply bacticide cleansing solution to ensure all areas are 100% clean and safe.

Quality Service

The works would be carried out by a team of well trained Buildings 2 Clean team members, and if you need the birds removed entirely our Pest Control Services team are available to implement proofing solutions to prevent further contamination.

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